Joy Prime’s “Written In The Stars” best TV Chat Show In Ghana?

Joy Prime’s “Written In The Stars” best TV Chat Show In Ghana?

TV production in Ghana is suffering from competence in quality. And that’s the truth!

Reality is that the industry is growing, there’s investment in the industry. Producers are pushing their content and talents are lining up to showcase their own. No one will ever admit that their show is clumsy, lacks creativity and the production is cheap.

Instead, we have come to accept mediocrity and cheap TV production as great. So when you have to watch the premiere of the new chat show “Written In The Stars” on Joy Prime on Multi-TV hosted by Alex Kwesi Crassie, aka TuRas TuRise, you are only left with a feeling of ‘Wow! We have finally started creating quality. We are ready to compete with the world!’

Three words to describe the show: Awesome, Awesome and Awesome!

Here are five reasons why you should be glued to Joy Prime every Sunday evening at 5 pm

1. You get content you would have never thought of at every episode

Kwaku T and TuRas TuRise
Never before seen angles of discussion in the most engaging conversations. Each conversation reveals inspiring, motivating and thought-provoking issues that is sure to excite the viewer. We get to experience our ‘Stars’ up close without negativity. The show’s intimacy actually enables the experience we get to have with the star on each episode.

2. Each episode is shot at a different location: The Star’s haven

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Intensive, beautiful and attractive sights that you won’t believe are actually in Ghana. The show captures these images as if they were showing images outside Ghana, and you are guaranteed of falling in love with your beloved country Ghana all over again. Each episode is guaranteed to give you variety in the look and feel, which is missing in many chat shows in Ghana.

3. Guaranteed to export a top-notch Ghana produced content

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There is nothing better than being proud of your own. The visuals of this show is surely set to make you wonder if production was imported. It will amaze you to know that, young Ghanaians are 100% credited to this production fully. With Blayz Pictures Productions handling camera angles, Felix Anaman and Vovo Sparx fully in charge of editing and Ariel photography by Ave Shutter , this is surely a chance for Ghanaians to embrace and patronize what belongs to us.

4. TuRas is definitely the new Ghanaian sensation

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TuRas is really on a row. Turas has just moved back to Ghana from a long time being away in South Africa. Many know him as the host of Good Morning Africa on DSTV. Others know him as the host of Planet TV’s The Request Show, but many who know the beginnings of rap music in Ghana in the 90s, know TuRas as a damn good rapper in those days. No wonder he has all the relationships in the industry to pull these stars on the show. One secret is that there is absolutely no rehearsing in this show. He is surely a natural talent.

5. You are guaranteed “Unpredictability and Suspense’ in every episode

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Any TV show that does not give you elements of Unpredictability and suspense is below par. Not worth your time. There’s every reason for the viewer to only guess what will happen in the next episode. You will surely be left with a Wow moment anytime you watch it.

Most of these decisions about the show listed above will be made by you, the viewer. Just make sure you raise all antennas every Sunday afternoon after enjoying your usual omotuo or fufu. Tune in to Joy Prime at 5 pm. You won’t regret it.

Watch this supercut for a preview of the next episode.

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