10 Things to Avoid to be Successful in 2019

10 Things to Avoid to be Successful in 2019

The excitement of the new year is here again, and you may be strategizing on how to keep your new year’s resolutions on track. Personally, I am not as excited about this new year compared to previous ones because I have a renewed appreciation of how goals, targets, and responsibilities relate to new year’s resolutions.

Therefore, it is important to approach the beginning of a new year from varied and realistic perspectives.

You may have read about what to do to make 2019 successful. Sadly, not everyone talks about the things you must avoid. So, these are ten of the things you must avoid this year as you strive for success.

1. Negative thoughts
The expression, ‘you are what you think’ is not just a cliché but a reality. In 2019, eliminate negative thoughts and focus on the positive things you want to achieve. The more you think positively, the more you are inspired to work towards achieving what you desire. Negative thoughts limit you and never give you room to try. Negative thoughts discourage you and reinforce what naysayers feel about you and your dreams. Your limiting beliefs and self-doubt have a potential of hindering your progress. This year, consciously avoid negative thoughts. If you find yourself thinking negatively about something, quickly flip it into a positive thought.

2. People pleasing
People pleasing is more common in this generation, especially with social media and the desire to be liked online. Do not let the desire to please people throw a shade on your sunshine. Truth is, most people care about themselves more than they care about you, so do not put yourself in a box trying to please other people. You owe yourself the ability to make your dreams a reality. Go-getters are passionate and driven and not focused on pleasing other people.

3. Toxic Relationships
Some relationships are a draw-back. Stay away from relationships that destroy the best of you and limit your potential. No matter what kind of relationship it is, stay away from toxic people. A spouse, boyfriend, friends, work colleagues or even family members who always release negativity must be out of your network. Be in the company of people who challenge you and help to bring out your best. If you do not sacrifice toxic relationships to protect your sanity and progress, your sanity and progress will become the sacrifice.

4. Ignoring your body and mind
Your physical and mental wellbeing are vital to your growth. This year, make time for self-care. You may incorporate simple daily routines like working out for ten minutes daily, eating clean, meditating and practicing simple healthy habits. Take time off to clear your head every now and then. Taking care of your body does not only help to improve your health but contributes to your self-confidence.

5. Losing Focus
The fundamental challenge that affects new year’s resolutions is a loss of focus. Get an accountability partner, set reminders or keep a diary to help keep you in check. Another thing that hinders people’s focus from meeting their target is wanting it all. It is not wrong to desire lots of good things but wanting it all within the same period can make you lose focus. Set targets with timelines and try as much possible to stick to them.

6. Always making assumptions/ Having high expectations of people

This may seem trivial, but always making assumptions will leave you disappointed, bitter, resentful and sad. Since humans are social beings, we interact with people and have pleasant and unpleasant experiences. If you always expect people to do stuff for you, you are not far from getting disappointed and feeling let-down all the time. This is not to say do not count on people, but tread carefully in the assumptions you make and the expectations you have of people.

7. Taking short cuts
Before 2018 ended, I read a quote somewhere with resonated with me. It said, ‘The hard way is the easiest way’. This essentially means that you will not be successful if you cut corners and avoid the work. You will not have things you do not work for; even if you do, you cannot keep them for long. In 2019, stay away from wanting to get things the easy way. You must work for the things you desire. Because really, the hard way is the easiest way there is.

8. Procrastination
This year stay away from procrastination. Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastinating can take you far away from your goals. Make a conscious effort to act on your plans. If possible, set daily targets.

9. Being paranoid
I have heard quite a few people refer to haters each time they talk about their success or failures. Yes, there will be people who will not be cheerleaders or fans of yours but it does not mean everyone hates or is envious of you. Being overly suspicious of other people’s intentions can ruin your relationships and affect your peace of mind. Learn to build trust with people who deserve your trust and focus on your dreams, rather than spending energy thinking about who is pretending to like you or not.

10. Making Excuses
Stop making excuses for yourself and other people. Making excuses for yourself will stop you from pushing yourself and attaining higher heights. Also, stop making excuses for other people especially when they hurt or disappoint you multiple times. Eliminating excuses of any kind will help you face reality and tackle your challenges head-on.

I hope avoiding these ten things will help you have an amazing 2019. It is indeed true that the difference between you and your dreams is action. Act today, stay focused, believe in your dreams and move away from toxic relationships. Have a super inspiring and successful 2019! You can share your tips on how to have an amazing 2019 in the comments below.

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