Greenleaf and Me

Greenleaf and Me

Oprah’s new television show Greenleaf has been criticised heavily by some Christians, as putting the church in a bad light. Which I find ridiculous, see even in the bible God does not hide the church faults. I don’t know why some in churches take delight in being grade A liars and deceivers. It does not change the fact church is flawed.

However Pastor Grace Green leaf, the daughter of Pastor Greenleaf and Lady Mae Greenleaf, who left the church after her sister’s rape by her Uncle a church elder was not listened to. No one could believe a Church elder could be a rapist apparently. Unfortunately Grace’s sister lived a prodigal daughters life afterwards and committed suicide years after a couple of years. Grace left the church where she was once a powerful preacher and vowed to never be part of the church community again. Grace comes back to the church for her sisters funeral, her mother says ” I hope you haven’t come back to cause trouble.” On the contrary Grace came to tell the truth.

In that family of holy Christians, the prodigal daughter is the only one who seems to be haunted by her sins and willing to love the unlovable, and to help the helpless. Her brother Jacob has a pure heart, he may cheat on his wife and do a lot of questionable things. However, he refused to cheat a pastor who hated his father, because it was the wrong thing to do. He even made his father’s deepest enemy, leave his church to him, because he recognised Jacob was a good man. Jacob’s wife just like Grace’s mother always talk about sin, however they are the most conniving, twisted, disgrace to Christianity in the series. Their lives are a mess and they lie their way through looking perfect. However, Grace’s mum hides and deep secret and Jacob’s wife many.

Pastor Grace Greenleaf fights to get her Uncle convicted, along the way she heals many of the girls who were raped by him. She teaches them the truth will set you free, as she almost self destructs and she is warned about un forgiveness by her family. In the end Grace kills her Uncle accidentally. Alas the holy Christians could not forgive the rapist for raping their daughter and sister. Grace Green leaf does sin, though she is the first to admit it and her family wonders why she just can’t be a liar. To keep up appearances. Grace becomes the person the outcasts from church go to, those who are angry with church, God or seeking justice. She brings them home.

At one point her mother wanted to take over the church, yet the women of the church called Grace to take up the pulpit at her mother’s virtuous woman’s conference. What her mother fails to realise is God doesn’t want a liar on his pulpit, nor a man who is getting rich of the church, or people who scheme to get ahead. He wants someone like Grace who loves and will fight to hell and back for all his children. Green leaf is amazing and those who think it puts the church in a bad light, are living in denial. Oh yes some church leaders are Godly people, others have been allowed to get away with murder because their pretend face is good.

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