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tt100 awards

November 18, 2018 • TT100 Awards

Bruce Diale, Managing Director of Brucol Global Development.

Brucol Global Development is an agricultural consulting company. It is founded on the basis of economic development across the Africa continent. Started in 2014, the company offers agricultural consulting services to farmers in the rural areas. Bruce Diale, Managing Director of Brucol Global Development revealed in an Interview with IT News Africa that Brucol comes up with innovative ways to develop the agricultural sector. He says the company is committed to conducting business through innovative technology that ensures efficiency of processes and cost-saving initiatives for its clients.

What is the core focus of your business?

The focus of our business is agriculture. We offer training services to farmers in the rural areas, mentorship support and we try to link farmers with the relevant market. We also come up with innovative solutions that the farmers can use. Brucol Global Development advises farmers on how they can use less water in their productive processes. We introduce different kinds of innovations such as the Gardenizly.

Gardenizly is a water-efficient vegetable gardening technology that uses minimal amount of water to produce leafy vegetables without the use of fertilizers. The system uses potting soil which is poured into the tank and seedlings planted into 56 holes and watered only once on a weekly basis.

This solution is a patent-protected product under the South Africa design act of 1993. We are currently finalizing our online store and are in final stages of communication with an international client which will be distributing our product across the globe.

What have been the company’s biggest highlights in 2018?

Our biggest highlight has been getting the department of agriculture in Limpopo and Mpumalanga to buy into our food security product, the Gardenizly. We are distributing it to different farmers or people who are interested in having their own backyard gardens across Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Could you tell us about your future plans and upcoming programs?

We are looking at putting together an app that will help farmers across South Africa have proper access to finance and access to market. This is still in the pipelines, so I cannot elaborate too much on that. We also want to expand into the rest of the country as well as Africa as a whole.

Why are programs like the tt100 beneficial to enterprises?

Programmes like the tt100 give you a holistic view on how to undertake the innovation process. They offer solutions on how exactly you can approach innovations in a company. I think most companies that have innovative concepts sometimes find that they don’t get anywhere with those concepts simply because of the fact that they don’t have anything in place in terms of systems, the right people and the right processes in order to get the innovation where they want it to be. The tt100 has opened our eyes as a company and has made us understand the innovation process all together and what is needed to become successful. That has come a long way in helping us to be an innovative company.

How has being awarded impacted your business?

It has given us a lot of credibility and has exposed us to a lot of media coverage which in turn has helped us in terms of sales. Now when we speak to clients they understand that we are an award-winning institution. This really goes a long way in helping us through the process of selling products and services to big clients.

What advice would you give to future leaders who are starting out within the same industry?

I would say that they have to be passionate about what they doing. Most importantly they need to learn a lot more and try to do something authentic. I think a lot of companies that exist in agriculture are doing the same thing and that is why sometimes the impact that they want to see is not as they expect. They need to find a way to make a difference in agriculture; a way that is authentic to them as an entrepreneur and build on that. In that way, things will be easier and there will be a lot more quality in companies within the sector.

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